Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Totes, Purses, and Bags Oh My!

De-cluttering Bags & Purses
I am continuing, slowly but surely, to clear clutter from life and especially from my closet: clothes, shoes, jewelery, and other accessories. This past weekend, I decided it was time to face the music and look at the number of purses I have.
By my count, I had 17 purses before clearing any out. That does NOT include other types of bags: draw string bags, tote bags, computer bags, briefcases, luggage, etc.
I took all the cubes of purses out of my closet and dumped them on my bed in a big pile. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of Mount Purse :( Let's just say it was huge because of the sheer number and some of the purses are rather bulky.
I sorted them into 3 piles: must keep, maybes, and get rid of. After I went through them, I again considered the maybes and only kept 1 of them. Here are the final results:

These are the purses I got rid of. 7 in all!

I organized my purses back into their cubes and they fit so much better! No more crammed purses in the cubes. I can actually see what's in each one! The container above has my "bright" purses.

The second container has my dark colored purses.

The third and final cube has my Vera Bradley (affiliate link) purses in it. I LOVE VB! It is kind of an obsession. However, with my budget this year I cannot afford them for myself, so the only way I will be getting any new VB bags is from my friends and family as gifts: hint hint!
Then, I put the cubes back in my closet and ta-da! A much better closet. Just don't look at how many clothes are hanging below them, I'm still working on that :) You can find my cubes here. (affiliate link)
My closet is almost in shape now. The only thing left to tackle is the clothes, and it will be by far the biggest task.
On another note: I re-calculated the amount I must pay off monthly in order to hit my goal of paying off $10,000 of debt in 2014. With the shortages from February and January, I must pay off $914.69 every month, March-December. That sounds like a lot to me, but I know that I will be making more and more progress as my balances go down, thus accruing less interest!


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