Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Day 1: Off to a Good Start

Budget Day 1Well, its officially January 1st, 2014! Welcome to the new year with a fresh start and all new possibilities! I have done all I can do to prepare myself for this journey and today is day 1 of the new me.

I am obviously within my budget thus far, only 30 more days to go for the month to consider it a success! I am hoping to have lots of no spend days this month also, but I'm not sure exactly how to count them. Does it count if I didn't spend any money other than a check going through for a bill or is that still a spend day? Let me know your thoughts on how I should count these days.

After make it through the rest of the month on budget, I will sure be excited for making it work on my first attempt. Maybe I should come up with some type of reward for meeting these mini-goals? Something I don't have to buy obviously :)

As I shared with you all yesterday, I have already made some progress on the clutter front. I have been enjoying the less cluttered shoe portion of my closet since this weekend and so far, so good. I don't feel the urge to buy more shoes as I thought I might. But I still have a long way to go in my closet. I haven't yet tackled my clothes, bags, accessories, etc. Although I decluttered my shoes, I may have to do it again at some point. I think having it down to a smaller number will help me to see which shoes I am actually using. I did declutter my jewelry pre-blog in Novemeber, but I'm thinking I may need to go back through it again and be more ruthless as it's still pretty much overflowing.

On that note, when I was working on my shoe project, I did declutter 2 t-shirts as well. This was not a part of a project, but as part of my 1 in 1 out rule. I received 2 new shirts for Christmas, so I got rid of 2 ratty looking ones and moved 2 "nice" ones into the old t-shirt drawer making room in the "nice" drawer for the 2 new ones. Here are the old ones:

When I list all of these projects, just in my closet not to mention projects in the rest of the house, it makes me feel overwhelmed. But then I think as long as I focus on one small portion at a time and I follow the rule of 1 in 1 out, I shouldn't have to worry about the space I cleared becoming messy again before I can even attempt tackling something else. I have my next project planned and I'm excited to work on it and share the results!

Happy New Year everyone! Let's make 2014 the best year ever :)


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