Friday, December 27, 2013

Debt Totals Finally Figured!

Official Debt TotalsI finally got the last of my balances figured out. A complete breakdown of my debt is below. It includes my home mortgage, but I will not be discussing it much because my primary focus is the credit card debt, student loan and the loan with my parents. This information will be copied to a Debt Totals page. The numbers will also be used in the side bar and those numbers will be updated as payments are made.

My current debt total is:

CC#1 - $0
CC#2 - $569.65
CC#3 - $260.82
CC#4 - $603.47
CC#5 - $658.40
CC#6 - $1,383.02
CC#7 - $1,221.54
CC#8 - $1,189.94
CC#9 - $1,397.57
CC#10 - $1,339.60
Student Loan - $7,382.74
Home Mortgage - $118,763.30
Parent Loan - $2,899.00

Grand Total: $137,669.05
Total w/o Mortgage: $18,905.75

I will not be posting this weekend as I will be busy (hopefully) working on my first decluttering project! I won't elaborate on it any more until it's finished.


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